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Barbabebe Sling Classic

The Sling Scarf Barbabebe Classic is made of 100% high quality cotton.
The Sling is available in one size that can be used for new-born babies up to 18kg.
The set includes a free storage pouch.

Colors and pictures

Barbabebe Sling Classic

• Easy to use.
• Compatible to all sizes.
• Extremely soft and comfortable.
• 100% cotton.
• Carrier supports baby in natural seated position.
• Includes padded wind protector to protect baby from wind.
• Mei Tai design allows maximum comfort and flexibility.
• Lumbar support helps relieve shoulder pressure.
• Extra wide straps.
• Recommended age: 0-36 months.
• Maximum weight: 15 kg.

In Asian countries Mei Tai are a commonly used, traditional carrying aid, which has meanwhile also become very popular in Europe. The Barbabebe Mei Tai is a perfect alternative to classical baby sling and perfectly suitable for all babies. Barbabebe Mei Tai your baby sits in the recommended spread squat position, which is very important for the healthy development of your baby's spine and hip. Thanks to the shoulder straps the Mei Tai is easy to tie. Thus, it is the perfect combination of baby sling and backpack carrier doing completely without a rack or a buckle. It has all advantages of a baby sling, but is as quickly and easily to put on as a backpack carrier! There is a padded wind protector that can be easily folded and unfolded to protect the baby. As both the shoulder and the waist straps are tied, the Mei Tai can be adjusted individually. Of course, the Barbabebe Mei Tai is made of 100 % soft cotton.