Maternity pillows


Barbabebe Maternity pillow

This Orthopaedic V-shaped pillow from Barbabebe is ideal for both sitting and sleeping during your pregnancy, nursing period and after. Its V shape provides orthopaedic support and comfort coverage around the back and sides of your neck and waist. It is also perfect for pregnant women who find it difficult to get comfy because it can support the belly and be placed between the legs at the same time. Nursing mothers can use it to support the baby while feeding as well as when the baby is lying on a large bed.
How it can be used:
• Wedge the pillow under your belly: When lying on your side, gently lift your belly and slide a portion of the pillow underneath. This will spare you some discomfort from having your belly pull your side or back muscles out of alignment with its weight.
• Place the pillow between your legs: Sleeping on your side with the pregnancy pillow or an alternative between your knees and ankles helps relieve pressure on your joints and may even reduce swelling by improving your circulation.
• Place your pillow under your arm: for better comfort when you feed your baby.
• Put your pillow on the back or waist: for better support when seating.
• Put your baby on the pillow: for support and comfort.
• If you put your head on the pillow: it will support your back and neck.

Size: W35cm x L140cm Approx
Material: 100% Cotton, Filling: 100% Polyester
Machine Washable


Barbabebe additional pillow cases

Barbabebe pillow case suitable for Barbabebe Maternity pillow.
Material: 100% high quality soft cotton
Machine Washable